The Florida WEB House is owned and operated by the William E. Branen Family Trust. This trust was formed in 1988 following the death of Mr. Branen. Branen's son, Robert, is the trustee of this trust.

William Branen was a well-known publisher in Wisconsin and owner of several newspapers in that state. He served as president of the National Newspaper Association and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. He is best known for his expertise in the field of US Postal regulations and how they relate to the newspaper industry. He published manuals and spoke around the country in regards to this subject.

A few years after his father's death, Bob created an internet company named WEB Media Inc. The WEB in the name is in honor of his father as it's the initials of his first, middle and last name.

When Bob decided to purchase this home on Hutchinson Island as a trust investment, several names were considered. The winning name was "WEB House." The domain name for WEB House was taken. Therefore, Florida WEB House was selected for the domain.